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The 25 reasons why Nurse On Fire is AWESOME for nurses and nursing students.

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Posted Oct. 28th, 2016 (1st Post!)


Nurse On Fire was created to make life easier for nurses (and students). We have done all the hard work behind the scenes by locating the best tips, strategies and nursing information on the web and sharing it with nurses across the world. We are the first and only search engine made just for nursing.


Given that people may not have heard of us before, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the blog and website by providing some fun facts about Nurse On Fire and why I believe Nurse On Fire is so awesome for nurses and nursing students.

Here we go...


Hi Everyone,


Welcome to the first blog post for Nurse On Fire. My name is Barry McManaman. I'm a Nurse, Dad, Husband, Computer Geek, Web Developer and Creator of Nurse On Fire. I work in the Emergency Department as a Critical Care Nurse in Southern California.

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Reasons why Nurse On Fire is AWESOME  for nurses and nursing students.

1.) We are the first and only search engine of it's kind that is custom built to help nurses and nursing students.

Nursing is hard. We make it easier by combining the most powerful search engine on the planet with the intelligence of an experienced nurse so that nurses and nursing students can find answers to nearly any nursing question, anytime, anywhere.

2.) We save nurses and nursing students time.

Nurse On Fire saves time because answers are easier to find. When nurses and nursing students come to Nurse On Fire, they know they will find the answers to their nursing questions immediately.

3.) Nurse On Fire is free and available on any device.

Our search engine is free and available to everyone without restrictions or fees. If you have an internet connection, you can utilize our search tool.  Use it once a day or all day on any device.

4.) Nurse On Fire is easy to use.

We have modeled our search engine after Google, which is familiar and easy to use. So if you can use Google then you can use Nurse On Fire.

5.) We use Google technology.

In fact, we use Google’s Custom Search as the backbone of our search engine to power our search and combine it with the brain of a nurse. This allows Nurse On Fire to search millions of webpages and produce answers in under a second.

6.) We are fast, like Google fast.

Using Google’s Custom Search allows us to maintain the quality, speed and power users have become accustomed to when using Google’s regular search engine.


Our difference lies in the search results. With Google’s permission, we are able to use Google’s Custom Search technology and combine it with our own search algorithm (formula) in order to provide noticeably better results.

7.) We provide better results.

Our database of websites is created by a nurse and the community of nurses we serve. Part of our formula for producing better results is to screen the websites used in the database. Nurses and students get better results than regular Google because sites are hand picked by a nurse (me), or submitted by the community (you), and rated for usefulness and curated into our database of nursing websites. Although we can’t screen every webpage, we can delete them if found to be inappropriate, such as unrelated YouTube videos or pages with poor or misleading content. This leads me to our policy regarding shady websites.


8.) We personally screen every website.

9.) We hate "shady" websites.

One of the problems with Google is the amount of questionable websites that wind up on the first page of Google. Google usually does a great job of keeping those sites out, but not always. Since we personally screen the websites, nurses are protected from low quality sites or sites with thin content whose real intent is to sell you something or sell your email address.  If you see a website or page that you find misleading or questionable, we have a feedback button on our contact page.


10.) We give nurses a voice.

We use recommendations from our users to determine which sites get ranked higher in our database. We value quality and want to provide the best information and user experience possible. Therefore with your input results will continue to get better and better.

11.) Created by an experienced nurse.

We know good nursing content when we see it. Nurse On Fire was created, designed and coded by a nurse who went through nursing school, survived as a new nurse, and has the knowledge and experience to know what the heck nursing is really like.

12.) We shorten the learning curve for new nurses.

Better results and better content shorten the learning curve for new nurses. With Nurse On Fire nurses have the potential to become better nurses, faster. Help and training is also available on the site as well.

13.) We help make work and school less stressful.

We make nursing less stressful for nurses and nursing students. Students can feel confident that they have a free resource that they can always go to and have an answer to their question in seconds.


We have modeled our search engine after Google. So if you can use Google then you can use Nurse On Fire.


4.) Nurse On Fire is easy to use.

14.) We never forget.

Nobody can remember everything they are taught. Nurse On Fire is your security blanket. We never forget. We are there for you in your time of need when “you draw a blank” or those “senior moments” kick in. We have your back.


15.) Students are better prepared.

 Students who use Nurse On Fire will be better prepared in nursing school and in clinical situations. We help nurses survive nursing school by filling in the gaps of their nursing education. Let’s face it. Not all nursing schools have fantastic instructors, in fact some are downright terrible. Our search tools and supplemental training help students and new nurses overcome the poor training or education they may have received.

16.) We provide easy to use search filters.

Special tabs let you refine your search down even more by separating the search into categories such as “Blogs or Forums” or big websites like “Wikipedia”. All in one click. This is one of the most powerful features on our platform and easy to overlook. It is also a feature you won’t see on the regular Google search. Give it a try. We love this feature when we're trying to find something on sites like “AllNurses” or “YouTube”.


We like to recognize nurses that we believe embody the spirit of a Nurse ON FIRE. If you would like to nominate a nurse or student who goes above and beyond what is expected and think they should be recognized and possibly featured on Nurse On Fire, please click here.


17.) We celebrate and appreciate nurses and nursing students.

18.) We make nursing research easier to find.

Nurse On Fire also has “SURPRISE”,  a second search engine. The only search engine built specifically for nursing research. Research can be difficult for beginners. We make it simple to find the nursing articles you need by making the search just like Google. It makes it way less complicated. Ever tried to use PubMed for search?


19.) We make research papers and presentations easier to write.

Don't worry if your professor will accept your citation. Our research engine only searches academic or research oriented nursing resources which makes peer reviewed nursing articles easy to find and to cite in your papers.

20.) Access to tons of nursing articles and journals.

Over 100 nursing journals and resources are searched to find the perfect article for almost any research paper.

21.) No accounts or passwords needed.

Nurses and students don’t need a special account through their school or hospital to gain access to the nursing journals. Just like our main search engine, our research engine is free and you can access it from anywhere, anytime.

22.) Free training.

On top of all the great resources that we find on the internet, Nurse On Fire is excited to help new nurses and nursing students by providing free training and advice to help them succeed. The goal is to educate, motivate and celebrate new nurses. Through an array of online training videos, inspirational content and entertaining posts we hope to deliver the best nursing website experience on the web.

23.) Free Bonuses and Cheat Sheets.

Along with free training, we provide free downloadable cheat sheets, tips, tactics and tools that make life easier for nurses to survive out in the hospitals, during clinicals or in nursing school. If we can make something that makes life easier for nurses, we are going to try and provide it for you.


24.) A great blog built for nurses.

The blog is where we communicate with our users. It is also where our audience can find out the latest news about Nurse On Fire and find original content by the creator of Nurse On Fire. Me.

25.) Coming Soon...YouTube Channel and Facebook Videos

Yes, video training and advice is coming to a screen near you. Check out YouTube or Facebook to find training and advice from Nurse On Fire. We have a lot of great things planned. You will definitely want to check them out. Click on the subscribe button and we will let you know when we go LIVE.

Should I keep going?

If those 25 reasons were not enough for you to at least try Nurse On Fire, then give us time. We are only just getting started.  However, If you agree that Nurse On Fire would be helpful to you, go ahead and type in a question or download one of our free materials. We love helping nurses and nursing students.

Cheat Sheets

Download Our Life Saving Cheat Sheets.

11 Basic EKG / ECG Rhythms You Need To Know.

Lab Values Bundle.

Quick reference charts to help you learn labs faster.


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New to Nurse On Fire? Check Out:
Nurse on Fire | Answers For Nurses

Have A Nursing Question?

Find The Answer Here. FAST.

Click Here

Grab Our Free EKG And Lab Values Cheat Sheets
New to Nurse On Fire? Check Out:
Grab Our Free EKG And Lab Values Cheat Sheets
New to Nurse On Fire? Check Out:
Grab Our Free EKG And Lab Values Cheat Sheets
New to Nurse On Fire? Check Out: